Camping during COVID-19

Attention Oak Embers Campers:

-All transient camping is currently suspended until further notice

Oak Embers Campground will be opening May 9, 2020 for Seasonal camping only.

We would like to share the following information to ensure there is full transparency and understanding of regulations set forth due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

-The 14-day quarantine period is in effect for any person coming to RI from another state, for a non-work-related purpose upon their arrival. Anyone coming from out of state will be asked to bring a 14-day supply of food, clothing, etc. and self-quarantine inside their camper.

-All public amenities such as, but not limited to, restrooms, bathhouses, pools, recreation halls, retail stores, laundry rooms, pavilions, common areas and playgrounds, horseshoe pits, etc. shall remain closed until further notice.

-The strictest mitigation measures will be adopted to limit guest-to-guest and staff-to-staff interaction including social distancing at 6ft or more and the requirement of staff and guests to wear face coverings.

-Gatherings must be limited to 5 or less people, this includes your campsite.

-Masks must always be worn when not at your own campsite. This includes going for a walk around the campground, riding bikes, driving in your golf cart, etc.

-All business interactions with guests should be telephonic or through on-line means. (401) 397-4042 or

-All social community gatherings are prohibited.

-No visitors (or guests) are permitted on-site at this time. Visitors will be asked to leave. The only exception is for essential services/deliveries such as groceries, home care, supplies, etc.

-If you are sick please STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE. If you do become ill while at the campground, we ask that you self-quarantine inside your camper and seek medical advice.

Thank you for your compliance and understanding.

Oak Embers Campground Management

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